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Hello! Thank you for dropping by. :)

I am Jane, a local wedding photographer based in Melbourne. I picked up my dad’s old camera many years ago, and have since been in love with photography - maybe a little too much!

I photograph with my heart, and it’s the people, and our emotions that really inspire me to click the shutter. A great photographer Robert Frank once said: there is one thing the photograph must contain, and that is the humanity of the moment. The reason why I love photographing weddings is that on this day, the best of us comes out, and it is full of human moments. Being a witness to such a special event is what makes my job as a photographer really worthwhile.

When I am not photographing weddings, I love to travel and explore both local and overseas countries and work on documentary stories. I also work with various organisations, event organisers, film production companies and talent artists such as actors and musicians with their photography needs.

I am a huge fan of movies, hiking, adventures, board games, hot chocolate, cottages and delicious food. I am currently also a little obsessed about philosophy and history. I find that the more I explore and learn about the human nature, the more thoughtful and more meaningful photographs I am able to take.